Friday, January 27, 2012

Bar Stool Re-Do

Here's my first project posting. The background on this stool is simple, I needed a bar stool for sitting at my kitchen computer. As I'm writing this I'm standing. Not very comfortable.
I was perusing one of the local Antique Stores for furniture that I can refurbish, redesign or just play with. This bar stool is not antique. In my area some antique malls double as indoor flea markets. But this I found "locally" for just a little more than I wanted to give for it but I knew the seller was local and it would contribute to the local economy. You got to do your share to help. Faux leather cover and festive paint design set aside, this stool fits my purpose. It's simple, low profile and light so it can be set aside in a small place when not in use.
My inspiration for this project is from Restoration Hardware, I love this furniture/design website but the prices are beyond my budget. I would link to the one in particular I liked but it doesn't take long for this company to shuffle through to the next line of furniture or designs. Sold out, which means it was popular. I had printed the photo for my purpose, so I scanned it for you. I hope you can see it clearly enough that the style I'm moving toward shows through.

I will keep you updated on the progress with photos. You let me know your thoughts on this project.

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