Friday, January 27, 2012

New Beginings

Here's an update..............I'm starting new. Since the economy tanked and I had to close my small little business in 2009 so that I could work full time for someone else much has happened.

Last year, the first of March Mom was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer. Those of you who don't know much about this type of cancer it's a death sentence, it's just a matter of time. Since that time I have been focused on her, her treatment, her reality and mine. She passed on November 19th of 2011. It was a hard Thanksgiving and even harder Christmas. I'm still dealing with this huge loss in my life. It's a daily, hourly and sometimes every second thing.

The one thing she wanted for me was to be happy and do what makes me happy. Now my reality has changed, I lost my full time job when I left to take care of Mom in her final days. It's fine financially, we can make it with a few budgeting cut backs but I want to do what I love and more money wouldn't hurt.

Southern Charm Stitches is getting revised and revived. The direction I'm wanting to take is redesigning old furniture. I love to recycle and redesign old furniture or other items. As I create my projects I will post them here. I will also post how sales go and what I do to market myself and my goods locally. I don't have a plan to sell online, that could change but not now. I plan to use Facebook, this blog and maybe even Twitter to promote and market.
The photo is of me and mom this past summer.

Thank you!!


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