Monday, July 30, 2012

Bar Stool Re-Design Part 2

I've completed the bar stool re-design for the second time.  I'm finally pleased enough with my work to publish it here.  Time and material play a huge part in doing these redesigns.  The first redesign was done quickly but the material I used was not pleasing to the eye.  The seat seemed lumpy and no matter what I did I couldn't seem to get it smooth.  Sorry, no pictures of the first re-do.  I changed the foam to a better upholstery foam and added appropriate bonded Dacron.  I must apologize for not showing step by step pictures and instructions, I will next time. 

I like the rounded smooth seat the professional materials give.  And the rounded smooth look was what I was after as in the photo from my previous post.

You can see that the task of stripping the paint from the wood was not an undertaking I was willing to do.  I like the black paint and the look that it gives the bar stool so I settled for the black.

The first attempt also included decorative furniture nails.  I wasn't pleased with this look, again I regret I don't have a photo for you.  I was going for a more rustic appearance with this stool so I switched to Blued Tacks.  I like the look, its rustic and adds to the "cottage/barn" look I like.

You can see that the tacks are not uniform and if you are the type of person that needs everything measured perfectly and in perfect rows I would not recommend using them.  It is difficult to get these placed in exact uniformity.  But I like it.

The fabric is a duck canvas that is light tan.  I would have liked to use linen or even burlap but with my family using this stool a great deal there is no way either of these fabrics would have held up.  The tougher duck canvas seems to hold up well.  I would recommend a protectant spray on anything you recover to help with clean up.

I hope you enjoyed this post now its on to my next project of a pair of chairs, for a customer.  I will post the steps on this next one and now that school is starting (whew, thought it never would) I can get to my posts on a regular basis.

Thanks, Steph