Monday, July 13, 2009

Special Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Do you have a 2nd anniversary around the corner? The traditional gift for the 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. When my second anniversary came around, many years ago now, I wondered what in the world I would get my husband for a gift. Cotton? Socks, underwear a cotton shirt? Seriously I was stuck, nothing sounded like a good gift. I only wish I had thought of the gift that I now suggest to many, a monogrammed cotton handkerchief. Men’s and Ladies’ cotton handkerchiefs make great gifts all their own but having it monogrammed makes it an extra special gift.

A white handkerchief with you color choice of monogrammed letters works perfectly for that special 2nd anniversary gift. Placed in a plain white box with a simple ribbon tied around it, nothing can be more classic.

And what about the 4th and 12th wedding anniversary gift, linen? Well again monogrammed linen handkerchiefs make a perfect gift. It’s a step up from the classic cotton to the rich draping feel of the linen. And again the handkerchief itself would make a great gift but to have it monogrammed takes it to a new level.

Whether you stay with traditional gifts or you buy and give what ever you feel like cotton and linen monogrammed handkerchiefs make great gifts. I’ve done many anniversary handkerchiefs where I placed the names or monogram of the wedding couple on one corner of the handkerchief and the wedding date with the anniversary date on the opposite corner. The handkerchiefs were usually white with the thread coordinating the color of the traditional anniversary gift, silver and gold are popular. These make wonderful gifts.