Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I'm doing now.

With the economy in decline, my business had all but was non-existent and my husband received a pay cut. While we were tracking on the bills piled up and I had to make a change.

Now, I'm working fulltime in the insurance industry (previous career), thank God I was able to find a job. With this my business is on hold. I'm having to make heart breaking decisions about my dream/business. It could be worse and I know it.

For now I'm experimenting with things in my "free time." When ever I can find it. I'm the mother of two very active pre-teen boys, working 40 hours per week, with a husband who spends more time working and sleeping than anything else. It seems like the "free time" is far and few between. I do want to continue my blog and get back to my business someday. I will get back to posting on the blog about my efforts and journey and some of the things I'm up to.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am so sorry to read you aren't in business right now. We received some of your wonderful monogrammed burp cloths from a friend in Virgina last March for my daughter's birth. We loved them! I ordered them for the friend when she had a baby, and just searched for your website to order more. Thanks for your work, and I hope you get to enjoy your passion again sometime. Thanks for the treasure. -Mollie in Seattle