Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monogram Showers

I've gotten more requests for monogrammed items for people attending "monogram showers" for the Bride. What a great way for the new bride to fill her home with personalized items that are complementary to her decor.

Linen guest towels, linen accent pillows for the bed or a chair in the bedroom, and linen dinner napkins are just a few popular items to mention. I was watching an episode of "Rate My Space" on HGTV and noticed that in a French Inspired Bathroom, the designer, Angelo Surmelis placed towels with the couples last name monogrammed in the bathroom as well as two more sets on each side of the vanity, one with the husband's first name initial and the other with the wife's first name initial monogrammed on the towels.

In my own bath, which is the background for some of my towel images, I have used the full monogram for a couple, my first name initial, our last name initial (larger) and his first name initial. I love this more traditional form of monogram but I love the single letter monograms equally! Here is the link to my website with the monogram towels The front page has mostly images of the embroidered cherry blossom and pineapple designs. This link takes you to the monogrammed guest towels.

What are some of the gifts you've received, given or have seen at these Monogram Showers?

I would love to here from you!



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